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Mobstyle Music Never Safe Update

Updated: All CD orders that were purchased before Friday 4/8 have been shipped at our expense and when the rest of the merch arrives, will be shipped immediately. Anyone who orders bundles 4, 5, or 6 after this date, it will be treated like a pre-order and not ship until everything else arrives. Hopefully this will be resolved in a week or so. Fingers crossed and thank you for your continued support!

I’m sure everyone who ordered my new project “Never Safe”, is just as excited as me to finally be able to hear some new music. Unfortunately on that note, I have a bit of bad news to bring you. For those paying attention to world news, there have been major shipping shutdowns in China that started in March due to Covid. Because of these shutdowns, the basketball jersey/shorts and coins have been on a shipping hold. They actually have been finished for 3 weeks now, just been sitting in a warehouse awaiting a green light for shipping. I have waited impatiently this whole time for some kind of an update, so I have come to the unfortunate decision to have to announce the delay of this order. It’s obviously out of my hands and I’m at the mercy of when they are allowed to ship again, but there is a bit of bright news at the end of this tunnel. The CD’s & flash drives have been sitting here DONE, for almost a month, and I have made the decision that at my expense, I am going to go ahead and ship the CD’s out to you NOW. You know I do my best to honor announcement dates the best I can, so this is one way I can try to attempt to make it at least somewhat better until the rest of your order arrives, and it will be shipped out immediately as soon as it gets into my hands. My contacts in China feel like it is going to be very soon in getting out the merch to me, and I will do my best at keeping everyone in the loop about the situation. I apologize to all of you dearly for this, and I appreciate all of your understanding in advance.



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