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Mob-Elite pull over embroidered hoodie – 54 styles to choose from!



These new pull over hoodies are 100% superior quality, super soft cotton, and feature 100% embroidered patches! 54 different styles to choose from! Thank you! Your choices of hoodie include:

Camo Smoking Joe

Camo Weirdo

Camo Lune Squad

Bukshot Shells  

Platinum Smoking Joe (Grayscale)

Arctic Camo Buk Norris (Bukshot)

Arctic Camo Hellion

Arctic Camo Lune Squad

Cabal Septagram


Bleed (Horned Smoking Joe)


Luney Moe (Red)

Luney Moe (Blue)


Slimer Bob

Santa Joe (Machete)

Mobstyle Christmas (Classic Santa Joe)

Zombie Joe

Pumpkin Joe

Turncoat Dirty (Super Dirt [Blue, Yellow, Red] & Crypto Dirt [Purple, Green Yellow])

Cabal (Green or Red)

Smoking Joe (Super Joe [Blue, Yellow, Red], Carolina Blue, Red, Grey/Purple, & Gloomy Grey)

Hellion Dragon (Red or Yellow)

Villains – Split Face (Purple/Green  or Grey/Red)

Sith Lord (Purple or Red)

Smoking Jane


Turn-Dead (Grey/Red or Grey/Purple)

Weirdo (Super Bob [Blue, Yellow, Red], Cotton Candy Blue/Pink, Grey/Red, Green/Purple, Yellow/Red, & Gloomy Grey)


Available sizes: S – 6x. Hoodies will ship within 7 days. All orders are shipped Priority Mail, however some orders will be converted to UPS shipping for faster and more efficient service. All orders will come with an emailed tracking number.

Additional information

Weight N/A

Small, Medium, Large, XL, 2X, 3X, 4X, 5X, 6X


Camo Smoking Joe, Camo Weirdo, Camo Lune Squad, Bukshot Shells, Platinum Smoking Joe (Grayscale), Arctic Camo Buk Norris (Bukshot), Arctic Camo Hellion, Arctic Camo Lune Squad, Cabal Septagram, Grimace, Bleed, UGA, Lune Squad (Red), Lune Squad (Blue), Joe-Puft, Slimer Bob, Santa Joe (Machete), Mobstyle Christmas (Classic Santa Joe), Zombie Joe, Pumpkin Joe, Turncoat Dirty (Super Dirt [Blue, Yellow, Red], Crypto Dirt [Purple, Green. Yellow], Super Joe [Blue, Yellow, Red], Super Bob (Weirdo) [Blue, Yellow, Red], Cabal Green, Cabal Red, Carolina Blue Smoking Joe, Red Smoking Joe, Grey/Purple Smoking Joe, Gloomy Grey Smoking Joe, Hellion Red, Hellion Yellow, Hellion Orange (Classic), Villains (Purple/Green, Villains (Grey/Red), Red Sith Lord, Purple Sith Lord, Smoking Jane, Horde, Turn-Dead (Grey/Red), Turn-Dead (Grey/Purple), Weirdo (Green/Purple), Weirdo (Cotton Candy Blue/Pink), Weirdo (Grey/Red), Weirdo (Yellow/Red), Weirdo (Gloomy Grey), Promethean, Classic Smoking Joe (Grayscale)

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