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UGA “Oblivion” 30” x 20” Wall Canvas Print! FREE SHIPPING! [USE FREE SHIP CODE BELOW!] (LIMITED to 20!) [PRE-ORDER]

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  1. This beautiful wall canvas is 30” x 20” in dimension and sits 1.5” off the wall! This limited print comes hand-numbered and includes a COA! As an additional bonus, it even includes a special 2 Disc version of the new UGA “Oblivion” CD! The bonus disc includes all of the storylines and skits from every UGA project, so you can pop it in, press play, and listen to the entire UGA cinematic storyline, without having to switch albums or tracks! There are no new songs on the bonus disc, but it does feature new artwork and is only meant for the most hardcore of all collectors! Only 20 of these are available and they come hand numbered just like the canvas prints!

The FREE SHIPPING code is:


This code can only be used on this canvas. Due to the size and dimensions of this item, we had issues with extremely high shipping prices, so we raised the price of the item to cover the shipping, and you can use this code to nock the shipping off, so it basically works and costs the normal way it should. If you live OUTSIDE the USA and use this code, you will be required to send the additional shipping costs to compensate the shipping difference before we ship your canvas out. Thank you for understanding.

IMPORTANT: These canvases have to be purchased separately on here, so if you try to order other items with the canvas, it won’t allow you to. The reason of this is due to the special shipping boxes that the canvases come in. The canvases ship separately in their own packages to keep them safe from other potential items that could harm the canvas during transit. Thank you for your understanding!

PLEASE READ! This IS a PRE-ORDER item! Any items ordered with this item will NOT ship until the pre-ordered item itself ships! So if there is something you need now or before the pre-order item ships, you should definitely order it separately! Thank you for your understanding!

Pre-orders should be shipping by the end of June. In all honesty, they could ship sooner, BUT, we all know there are THOSE people who begin making threats and harassing if they don’t get a tracking number within the hour of said shipping day, so to keep things cool with everyone, we are just going to say they will be SHIPPING by the end of June. That doesn’t mean you are GETTING them by the end of June, but they are SHIPPING by then! Don’t be shocked if you get them much sooner, consider that a bonus, but sometimes and unfortunately, we are just at the mercy of ship dates from the items that WE are waiting on. So to keep everyone happy, we will say the end of June – thank you in advance for your understanding!

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Weight 120 oz
Dimensions 30 × 4 × 20 in


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