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UGA “Oblivion” 3″ USB Flash Drive [PRE-ORDER]

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After the emergence of The Underground Avengers 12 years ago, Boondox, Bukshot, and Claas have returned for their FINAL UGA album! The brand new full length project by Boondox, Bukshot, and Claas is finally up for pre-order! The album was produced by Seven, Godsynth, Ritual Of Ether, Gritty, and Bukshot. This USB Flash Drive is made of nice, thick PVC, and it comes pre-loaded with UGA “Oblivion” album! AND, as an added bonus, it also includes an additional playlist that has the entire UGA cinematic storyline, all together in one, huge storyline! All the music has been removed from this playlist just so you can strictly listen to the entire story, all the skits, and intermissions from EVERY UGA album, with no interuption! This Flash Drive is only limited to 40!

PLEASE READ! This IS a PRE-ORDER item! Any items ordered with this item will NOT ship until the pre-ordered item itself ships! So if there is something you need now or before the pre-order item ships, you should definitely order it separately! Thank you for your understanding!

Pre-orders should be shipping by the end of June. In all honesty, they could ship sooner, BUT, we all know there are THOSE people who begin making threats and harassing if they don’t get a tracking number within the hour of said shipping day, so to keep things cool with everyone, we are just going to say they will be SHIPPING by the end of June. That doesn’t mean you are GETTING them by the end of June, but they are SHIPPING by then! Don’t be shocked if you get them much sooner, consider that a bonus, but sometimes and unfortunately, we are just at the mercy of ship dates from the items that WE are waiting on. So to keep everyone happy, we will say the end of June – thank you in advance for your understanding!


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