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Mobstyle 3″ Album Magnets (individual)

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Mobstyle 3″ Album Magnets have arrived! There are 49 different album covers to choose from, and they are in stock and available now for purchase and ready to ship! These high quality magnets are 3″ inch squares and come individually wrapped in removable, plastic sleeves to retain their quality until they get delivered to you! They are very thick (1 mm thickness) and aren’t easy to bend! Collect all your favorite magnets now while they last!

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Welcome To The Ville, One More For The Hataz, TSDLM, TSDLM-CE, No White Flags, City Under Siege, Exclusive Edition, The Problem, Pledge RED, Pledge BLUE, UGA OG, UGA BANNED, Helter Skelter GOTJ, Helter Skelter, L.O.T.W., Traverse, Nightmare Hall, Night Of The Hunter, Freak Show, RUN, Assimilation, HS: The Hunter, Weirdo, Weirdo: Full Moon, Weirdo: Pale Moon, WTTV 20 Year, UGA: Apollyon, UGA: Anomaly 88, UGA: Dark Matter, Hell's Kitchen, HS: Hellion, Paradigm Shift, OMFTH: 20 Year, Quietus, Double Dragon Exclusive, Double Dragon Masks, Cabal (Druids), Cabal (Coin), Cryptodirt, Night Of The Zombie, NOTH: Red Mist, HK: Overdrive, Mobstyle Christmas, Never Safe, Mr. Grey: OD, Berzerkers BLUE, Berzerkers RED, OD: Red Team Edition, AXL JOE


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