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2.5″ Smoking Joe .925 Silver Charm [Gunmetal finish or all silver] (NUMBERED – ONLY 100 AVAILABLE) [PRE-ORDER]


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Fans have been asking us for these for years, and not only are we delivering, but we are going above and beyond in the process! The very first .925 sterling silver Mobstyle charms are coming for the first time, so we are going to bring em out in style! There are 2 different styles to choose from: .925 silver with black gunmetal details & accents, and all over .925 sterling silver only! Gunmetal finishes have become very popular the last few years, so we decided to do a run in these as well. There are only 75 of silver with gunmetal accents, and 25 of the all silver ones available, AND they each come numbered on the back! The numbering is engraved in the back along with the hallmark “MOBSTYLE MUSIC 2023″as well! Each charm comes in a special collector’s box with silver foil print and a silver & black Certificate Of Authenticity made of metal! The COA’s are numbered as well and will match the numbering of your charm! To top this whole package off, we are including a brand new exclusive CD single, which has a brand new EXCLUSIVE Bukshot song called “Tha Bukshiznit” on it, This CD comes autographed by Bukshot and will never be available again outside of this special charm set!

NOTE: The bails on these charms will fit up to a 6mm chain! All the chains we offer here on the Mob-Shop, besides the 8mm, will fit these charms! Also, the picture of the gunmetal charm is just a mock up for online purposes only. The all-silver charm pictured is an actual real initial sample of what the charms will look like, but obviously, the gunmetal version will have black gunmetal accents & detail.

Now let’s talk about these amazing charms! They were hand detailed and crafted by the legendary Alex Ekstra! Alex has been a master jeweler for the past 40 years! His company is called Ekstra Design and it’s located in the heart of the Jewelry Diamond Center in New York City! There in the Diamond District, is where 90% of the worlds finished diamonds pass through yearly, right through the block where his office is located! He has designed charms for many top artists in the world, including Tupac, Insane Clown Posse, Kottonmouth Kings/Suburban Noize, LL Cool J, Mariah Carey, Salt & Pepa, Biz Markie, & Aretha Franklin to name a few! I have had the privilege to meet him on this journey, and it’s amazing he is working with me and bringing these styles and designs to life for us!


All orders come with:

  • .925 silver Smoking Joe charm (engraved/numbered on back)
  • Custom Mobstyle Music collector’s charm box
  • Metal Certificate Of Authenticity (numbered to match charm)
  • Exclusive & limited Bukshot CD single (autographed)


This is a pre-order, and we have around 5 weeks to go before these are in my hands and ready to ship! I don’t see these lasting very long, considering there are only 100 of these made in total, so good luck to every one out there who plans on getting one!

Also keep in mind, this price is a PRE-ORDER price! Once these hit the street, the price IS going to go up! Alex told me he thinks I am selling these way too cheap and they should be in the $300 range – and that’s not even including the CD, the charm case, and the COA’s! That price is what the charms themselves should be retailing at! There is so much time and detail that went into all of these, and that is the reasoning of his price point, I’m just trying to look out for you all when I can, so please remember: When these hit the street and the pre-sale is OVER, this price of these WILL INCREASE if they aren’t sold out!

NOTE: As we said, this is a pre-order, so any and all items ordered with these charms will NOT be shipped until the charms are in hand and start shipping! From this point, we are probably 4 weeks out. In all honesty, they could actually be in my hands sooner, but I hate to say two or three weeks when it’s going to be four weeks and I have 100 angry people emailing us and asking where their charms are, so as of right now, we are just going to say four weeks! So if there’s an item you want and need in your hands right now, you will definitely want to order it separately. Thank you for your understanding in this matter!

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.925 silver w/Gunmetal accents, .925 silver only (no black detail)


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