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Official 3:33 Prop Sale (various items) Includes limited 3:33 CD and COA!


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 You have the chance of owning an authentic piece of Mobstyle history! All the props in this listing were used in the Bukshot video “3:33″ and they come with an 8.5″ x 11” signed Certificate Of Authenticity. They also come with the limited CD “3:33”, which includes the regular version of the song, as well as the limited Video Version of the track, that will never be available anywhere else besides this CD! There are only 35 of these available, and they are first come, first serve, so jump on them while you can! Here is a listing of each item, along with a small description:


Dragon Chess Board
The iconic 3-D chess board that Bukshot and Crucifix are playing throughout the video. It features all dragon pieces made of pewter and glass top.
Hellion Canvas
This 3’ x 3’ canvas monstrosity was made custom just for the video! There’s only one of these made like this in the world!
Gold Dragon Skull
4 of these were used on display throughout the video! Definitely a cool, iconic addition to the video. One of these are even displayed on the cover of the special 3:33 CD artwork!
Wooden Candle Holder w/candle
These two candle holders were placed on each side of the chess board. They also come with a candle that was used in the video!
Dragon Claw Wine Goblet
These two wine goblets are what Bukshot and Crucifix were drinking wine from in the video.
Dragon Clock
This clock was on the prize table and is said to 3:33. It was also used on the artwork for the limited 3:33 CD cover.
Aztec Plaque
This cool plaque was one of the items on the prize table and can be hung on a wall! Super cool video prop!
Dragon Eye Jewel Box
This cool item was what Bukshot and Crucifix put their silver coins in to start the ritual at the beginning of the video!
Dragon Hourglass
The hourglass timer is what Bukshot and Crucifix used throughout the video while they were playing chess.
Dragon Eye Pouch + Silver Coin
The small black bags that Bukshot and Crucifix each had in their hands including the real silver coin that came out of them! The coin weighs 1 oz and is made from 100% real Troy Silver!
Wooden Puzzle Box
This mysterious box was one of the items on the prize table. How it is even opened is a secret and a mystery! Only the owner of the box will know what is inside!
Leather Bag
This super high quality, leather bag was one of the items on the prize table!
Masquerade Mask
This cool and elegant masquerade mask was worn by Inked Magazine model Morgan Taylor!
Wine Decanter
Th e wine decanter was used by Morgan Taylor in the video. She was using it to pour wine in the glasses on the table. Originally this item was lost and not even listed when the sale first started but was just recently found and added!
These black and red candles were placed all around the room to help give off the eerie light glow throughout the video! There were black and red candles, so the color you get comes randomly!

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Chess Board, Hellion Canvas, Dragon Skull, Wooden Candle Holder, Dragon Claw Wine Goblet, Dragon Clock, Aztec Plaque, Dragon Eye Jewel Box, Dragon Hourglass, Dragon Eye Pouch + Coin, Wooden Puzzle Box, Leather Bag, Masquerade Mask, Wine Decanter, Candle


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