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Hallowbleed VIP Bundle! All NEW Hallowbleed hoodie, CD, 12″ flat, VIP Pass & Lanyard, and Pizza Party Meet & Greet with Bukshot!


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This VIP bundle is tremendous! You get the brand new Hallowbleed hoodie (EMBROIDERED PATCHES, not screen printed!) You get the exclusive Hallowbleed CD that features the new song by Bukshot “Bleed” featuring Twisted Insane, as well as couple more bonus tracks! You get an autographed 12″ double sided Hallowbleed flat! You get a VIP badge & lanyard that will get you access to the 2 hour pizza party and meet & greet with Bukshot before the show!

All VIP packs will be shipped out before hand until 10/24. Any VIP bundles ordered after 10/24 will NOT be shipped and they will be picked up the day of the show at venue. The VIP bundle does not include concert ticket – those must be purchased separately. Details for the meet & greet/pizza party will be included when you receive your bundle. If you purchase a VIP bundle, and for some reason you can’t make it to the show, everything will still be shipped out to you, minus the pizza party and meet & greet (of course LOL), so you can still vicariously share the experience even if you find out at the last minute that you cant attend!

At the pizza party, there will be someone attending the pizza, wearing gloves and passing out the plates of pizza so all of your dirty hands aren’t cross contaminating the pizza boxes and what not! We do encourage masks and tables and chairs will spread out so people can feel comfortable being around other people.

VIP Bundles will begin shipping out on October 19.

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