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Bukshot “Weirdo” CD (Deluxe Version)


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This Deluxe Version package includes the standard single disc version of the Bukshot “Weirdo” CD, as well as the Limited Edition “Weirdo: Full Moon” bonus CD, a “Weirdo” collectible hat pin, and to top it off, all these items come shipped inside an authentic metal “Weirdo” lunchbox! Official release date is August 18, 2017.

Deluxe Version includes:

  • Bukshot “Weirdo” CD
  • Limited Edition “Weirdo: Full Moon” Bonus CD
  • Weirdo lunchbox
  • Weirdo collectible hat pin

Note: This is a pre-order, and any other item purchased with this pre-order will all be shipped together when the Weirdo CD ships. Thank you for your understanding.

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Weight 34 oz


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