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The "Underground Avengers" Announced! - Juggalo News

Mobstyle Music artist Bukshot announced that he has joined Tunnel Runner ClaAs, and former Psychopathic Records artist Boondox in forming a group called the "Underground Avengers" and plans to release their "Skarecrows, Weirdos, & Claasholes" EP at this years Gathering Of The Juggalos. We got a chance to talk with all three artists and ask them about the project. Starting with Boondox who surprised the underground with such a sudden move.

"I decided to be a part of this project because it gave me an opportunity to collab with two artist that I have been wanting to work with, and to do it on a broader basis. Doing collabs on a song or two is cool, but it's rare to get to do an actual record with artist you don't get to normally work with. I think this project is going to be a pretty big deal in the underground and make some real noise. One because it's three artist who have never worked together before, and nobody saw it coming. And also because of the contrast in styles and sounds from each artist. Everyone brings something different to it. That's the Underground Avengers. A group of extraordinary people with extraordinary skills, coming together to do extraordinary things in this music thang. Everyone should get on this. It's gonna be big. It's also going to be my first release since leaving Psychopathic, and I think people are going to be surprised by what they hear from Tha Skarcrow as far as just stepping my game up and growing from my last release. I'm real hype on this! Much love and respect to my homies Bukshot and Claas for having me be a part of it." says Boondox who announced his departure from Psychopathic less than one month ago. Juggalso should be excited to see that he is already planning on releasing new musc to feed the mass fan base he's accumulated over the last seven years with the Detroit based label.

Kentucky based Bukshot is excited to be a part of the project and couldn't wait to talk about it with Juggalo News. "What is so dope and unique about Boondox, ClaAs, and I coming together and doing the whole Underground Avengers project, is because we're three different artists from different parts of the south, and our music is respectively different but at the same time, we all compliment each others styles. That's where we came up with the name The Underground Avengers - in the comic book world, The Avengers are different super heroes who have united for one cause, and just like the comics, in our hip-hop world, we are three separate artists who have united and come together for one cause. To make some kick ass music for the underground and have some fun while doing it! I have always wanted to work with Boondox and ClaAs and the crazy thing is, it's almost as if the fans themselves put together this super group for us. All of our fans have been pushing for us to do some music together for awhile so we took it upon ourselves to bring it to them in a very unique way! The underground will be shaken very soon!"

ClaAs who has been steadily making a name for himself in the underground and was chosen for the Hatchet House "Tunner Runners" compilation in 2008 due to his hard wok is finally starting to get the recognition he has earned through out the past few years opening for major acts in and around the Dallas area and joining up wit Team R2. His fan base has been growing by the da and he gives the fans crdit for helping this project come together. "I t's not everyday that you get to work with two artists that are really pushing and grinding to make their name known in the same fashion you are. So it's only right you come together and do something that no one would expect. I'm excited about the project because it's truly for fans. They pushed via twitter for us to come together and now we're doing something that's basically a thank you. It feels like we're giving back to the fans for supporting us so much!"

Here is the official announcement Bukshot posted on YouTube over the weekend. Check it out! 



The Bobby Kennedy LP  


T-Razor commits a rap cardinal sin on the last song: He actually asks for his headphones to be turned down. This must be his last album before he goes folk, covering up Tupac tattoos with Hank Sr. quotes and Okeh logos. Outside of that violation, T-Razor has turned in his opus. The Bobby Kennedy LP is, by far, his best work, and this is coming on the heels of his excellent 2 the Top collaboration with Johnny Spanish. The album is almost magical in that everything has come together for Razor this time out. Gone are a lot of the gangsterisms of old; this is an older, wiser emcee, even if the smoke is still thick. Thereís not a bad cut here, but Iíll tip the hat to the beautiful production of ďAngela DavisĒ as our highlight.  -  Damien McPherson of LeoWeekly



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