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Mixed Magic


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Mixed Magic Bio
David "Mixed Magic" Wheatley was born in Louisville, KY on October 7th 1986. His infatuation with music began as a child when he started singing in church choir and participating in school musical events. Magic's singing actually led to his unique hip hop urban sound. He grew up listening to Bone Thugs n Harmony, Do or Die, Twista, and 2Pac. However, his r&b counterpart idolized Usher, Michael Jackson, H-Town, Shai, etc. You can hear in his music the unique meshing of styles. From his fast paced double time chaotic flow to his melodic softer singing sound, Magic has crafted and embraced his own unique sound. Mixing metaphors with harmonious melodies and catchy riffs, the 24 year old artist both intrigues and entertains listeners with his eccentric voice and witty punch lines (im out this fuckin world bitch, like Obi Wan Kenobi/ plus Iím black and white and balliní bitch, I'm Kobe and Ginobili*). Magic looks to be heard and demands to be respected in the music world, and with his arsenal of style and talent he appears to be doing just that.



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