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Hostile Bio
Have you heard of Hostile, pronounced (HOS-STYLE), also known as HOSS? Born March 8, 1984 he was raised in Bullitt County, Kentucky just south of Louisville. There he attended Bullitt East High School, graduating class of 2002. Since graduating he has worked full-time as a brick mason for the family business.

Thankfully, Hostile was later introduced to Bukshot, also known as Buk, a well-known artist in the area by his cousin. When his potential was realized, he was featured on Bukshot's album, City Under Siege in 2006. There were two records where his talent was introduced, What You Lookin' At and Kill 'Em All. Throughout the work process of performing in shows and promoting their creations, the two rappers became friends shortly thereafter.

Accordingly, Hoss and Buk teamed up to create a mixtape titled, The Boss and The Brick. While these two were the front-men, they featured many other Louisville rappers that they were familiar with. The album became a hit with the fans and Hostile was introduced to what it was like to sell his own CD's. Suddenly, Hoss was hooked to the lifestyle and the exciting feeling it gave him. All the while, juggling work, rapping, and the rest of life's many obstacles all at once. It only made him more hungry to drop another album.

Though Hoss is limited in experience and has few features under his belt since developing The Boss and The Brick alongside Bukshot, he is more than eager to demonstrate to the Mobstyle fans what he's capable of. After overcoming a few obstacles throughout 2009 and 2010 Hoss feels as if he can finally focus on his music and where he can take it. He has reinvented himself and intends to release an EP during the late summer of 2012. This EP will spark a flame that has been lingering inside of him. He'll finally be where he should be, and THAT'S IN EVERYBODY'S MOUTH! JEAH...LET'S GET IT MOBSTYLE MUSIC!



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